About the conference

‘Collaborate to Better Compete’

13 November, Square Brussels Meeting Centre
Populist parties preaching a return to nationalism… Rising protectionism threatening the multilateral order… An EU internal market creaking under the pressure… Has Europe forgotten the benefits of collaboration? And what will the consequences be for our industries’ competitiveness on the global stage?
On 13 November, Orgalime is bringing together business leaders from across Europe’s technology industries to shine a spotlight on why collaboration matters for the future of the EU’s economy and society. 
We invite you to join the conversation as our guest at Square in Brussels on 13 November from 12.30pm, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with senior technology industry representatives from across Orgalime’s European network. We'll also take you to BeCentral, an innovative digital campus that was founded to accelerate Belgiums digital transformationA gala dinner at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts will round out the evening.
Registration is open until 5 November. Please note this is an invitation only event; limited places available. For further details please contact the Orgalime communications team.