Energy labelling framework proposal: deal reached

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Europe has taken another step forward towards boosting the energy efficiency of individual appliances, as an informal deal on a new energy efficiency labelling framework was struck on 21 March 2017. It is now subject to confirmation by the Council and European Parliament. Our press release on the provisional deal is available here.

The new energy labelling framework foresees critical rule changes in two main areas. First, on the rescaling of products: this is a challenging, costly and burdensome process for companies – so the fact that the institutions have agreed to base it on technological advancements is a positive development. Second is the new product database, consisting of a public interface to provide consumers with information and a compliance interface providing information to market surveillance authorities and the Commission. This database remains a thorn in the side of industry, since we do not believe that any database can replace physical checks of products and the risk of free riding is imminent. Regulators have to some extent listened to industry’s concerns regarding confidential business information in their more flexible definition of “technical documentation”, which has to be uploaded on the compliance interface. Details will now have to be determined at the level of each implementing measure. The new framework will be relevant for the implementation of the new Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019. Orgalime will no doubt remain alert on this issue.

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