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Energy meets Digital, Industrial & Circular Sustainability: Travel to the Future!

Registration Open: 17 June 2015 (09:00 - 10:30)

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Europe has always depended on technological advances to boost jobs and growth and today is no exception. The core issues lie around the integration of digital technologies into the energy and manufacturing areas thereby boosting productivity, increasing (energy and resource) efficiency and reducing costs and therefore prices to consumers.

This is an agenda which needs to be dealt with in a coherent manner both at EU and at national level to arrive at truly sustainable results.

The event aims at demonstrating that energy sustainability is possible, and that at the same time other policy objectives, notably sustainable jobs and growth and resource efficiency can be met. 

The increasing role of digital technology in the products, processes and systems developed by European manufacturing industries has become a core driver of growth. This delivers with multiple benefits for Europe´s industry, citizens and wider society, including leveraging energy costs.

Ensuring coherence between the EU’s energy, industrial and digital agendas ('industrial internet' or the Internet of Things (IoT)) are essential to re-launching industrial investment and are equally appropriate for creating a win-win situation with environmental policy objectives. The event will showcase this, building on the Energy Union Communication and 2030 Energy and Climate Framework.

The event is to be fully inclusive and as such its target groups are wide, from consumers, private and industrial, other industrial and non-industrial stakeholder groups up to regulators and policy makers that each face different challenges and responsibilities to go hand in hand for making the EU´s energy, industrial, environmental and digital agendas meet and realise common sustainability objectives.

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