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Meet our new members: AQUA, CECE and Europacable

The Orgalime General Assembly in June formally approved and welcomed three new members: AQUA, CECE and Europacable. Representing three distinct and highly innovative branches of the EU technology industries, these European-level sector associations are perfectly placed to enrich our advocacy work with their unique viewpoint and expertise.

AQUA represents European water and heat meter manufacturers. The association is focused on promoting common European standards, delivering technologies that meet the needs of industry and consumers, working with other associations and groups to ensure compatibility with future smart metering solutions, and providing support to industry and consumers in the field of water and heat metering.

CECE represents the interests of national construction equipment manufacturers in 13 European countries. The sector counts around 1200 companies that employ about 300,000 people directly and indirectly, with annual revenues amounting to ca. €40 billion. These firms’ durable and innovative machinery help build the houses, offices, factories, roads, railways and bridges that serve citizens across the globe. Manufacturers invest and innovate continuously to deliver equipment with highest productivity and lowest environmental impact. Efficiency, safety and high-precision technologies are key.

Europacable represents the largest cable makers in the world, as well as highly specialised small- and medium-sized businesses from across Europe. As the future is set to be ever more electrified and digitised, wire and cable products will be the core backbone of Europe’s future energy and communications infrastructures. As a trusted source of technical information on wire and cable products, Europacable is actively engaged in relevant standardisation processes, and aims to raise the visibility of the European wire and cable industry and secure Europe’s technology leadership. 

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