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Smart Cities

What is it?

The term “Smart cities” embodies the political vision to make urban areas fit for the future and transform them into cities that reduce their ecological impact by increasing their resource and energy efficiency. The Innovation Union, one of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy, announced the European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) which are designed to mobilise actors across the innovation cycle and across sectors to speed up innovative solutions and to tackle the challenge of the growing urbanisation. In 2012, a communication from the European Commission launched the Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) EIP with the focus on the necessary integration of energy, transport and information and communication areas. The SCC EIP consists of two governance bodies, a High Level Group advising the European Commission and the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform.


Why is it important?

In its Communication on Smart Cities and Communities, the European Commission rightly understands, that “Smart urban technologies can provide an important contribution to the sustainable development of European cities “. Orgalime agrees with the Commission and we emphasise that the European engineering industries are ready to deploy the necessary technologies for equipping the cities with smart metering, house and building automation or electrical vehicle infrastructures. These appliances are an integral piece of the jigsaw puzzle for cities to become ‘smart’.


Our viewpoint

Orgalime express its support to smart cities in various fora around the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership. We are closely monitoring the smart cities policy because Orgalime is particularly committed to help cities and urban areas to tackle their challenges to become smart, but also to meet their commitment to achieve the transition towards a low carbon and resource efficient economy.


How we’ve been engaged

Orgalime follows critically the process in the EU Institutions of developing a smart city roadmap. We submitted our technical know-how via the Smart Cities Stakeholder platform and its related working groups.


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Policy recommendations on Smart Cities and Communities

8 October, 2014
Policies & Issues:
Smart Cities
8 October, 2014
Policies & Issues:
Smart Cities

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