Alliance for a Competitive European Industry (ACEI)


What is it?

The Alliance gathers industry associations from major European industry sectors and BUSINESSEUROPE, the Confederation of European Business, and was formed at the end of 2004.


Alliance members:

ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association website: 
BUSINESSEUROPE The Confederation of European Business website:
CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council website:
CEMBUREAU European Cement Association website:
CEPI Confederation of European Paper Industries website:
EURATEX European Apparel and Textile Organisation website:
Union of the Electricity Industry
EUROFER The European Steel Association website:
EUROMETAUX European Association of Metals website:
FoodDrinkEurope European Food and Drink Industry website:
FuelsEurope Refining and marketing industry in Europe website:
ORGALIME European Engineering Industries Association


The goals of the Alliance are:

  • To promote the competitiveness of European industry on a global scale
  • To contribute to the implementation of the ‘Lisbon Strategy’
  • To provide input into relevant upcoming EU legislative proposals
  • To reinforce the work of BUSINESSEUROPE by adding the voice of sectoral industry associations

On 1 January 2016 Mr Marco Mensink, Director General of CEPI, took over the Chairmanship from Mella Frewen, Director General of FoodDrinkEurope (2014-2015).

Why is it important?

The numbers talk for the Alliance!  Member organisations represent industry branches which are essential to the European economy:

  • 23 million jobs
  • 1.3 million companies (more than 3/4 of which are SMEs)
  • €5.7 trillion turnover annually
  • 10.7% of EU GDP

Fundamentally these branches, closely intertwined with each other, are a mainstay of the entire EU economy through both the direct and indirect employment they offer.


Our viewpoint

Industry is the main engine of the new low-carbon, resource-efficient and knowledge-based economy.  Endowed with skills, knowledge and a highly innovative and competitive industrial base, Europe has a major responsibility and a major opportunity to ensure the necessary transition to sustainable, global growth.


How we’ve been engaged

The Alliance addressed the Commission and the 2005 Spring Council to welcome the “Growth and Jobs strategy” launched by the Commission.  It supported the view that the economy should be “first priority”, requiring “business-friendly policies, not rhetoric” and called on the Spring European Council to take up the spirit of the Commission Report.

In September 2006, the Alliance held an event entitled the 'New European Industrial Policy: From Commitment to Results', where a workshop aimed at sharing views and backing the Commission's initiative to develop a more integrated approach for industrial policy in the framework of the Lisbon process. In this context, the Alliance issued a brochure ‘Cases for a Competitive European Industry’

In June 2008, the Alliance held a joint event in Paris with its sister organisation in France “GFI” entitled the 'Ensuring a positive contribution to the future of Europe', where discussions centered on the positive contribution that industry makes to the EU’s economy. In this context, the Alliance and GFI issued a common manifesto

In early 2010, the Alliance prepared a manifesto - Shifting Gears for a New EU Industrial Partnership - designed to inform the new incumbents of the European Commission and the European Parliament about how to promote the competitiveness of European industry on a global scale and to help address Europe's radical transformation towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. 

In July 2012, the Alliance met Commission President Barroso to stress the fundamental framework conditions required by our industries by invest and operate in Europe in a highly competitive global market place [more]

In November 2014, the Alliance published a modified manifesto (Shifting Gears for a New EU Industrial Partnership) outlining 7 key priorities for the new EU leadership in order to to promote the competitiveness of European industry on a global scale.

2017-01-11 Final ACEI letter to MEPs on CETA.PDF (390.53 KB)Download
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ACEI Letter HLG Competitiveness_MrsVesaite_Ja... (58.91 KB)Download
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ACEI_PI_Industrial Policy_11_July_12.pdf (127.56 KB)Download
ACEI PP Transparency Register final.pdf (20.82 KB)Download
ACEI_European_Council_Open_Letter_Jan10.pdf (49.54 KB)Download
ACEI letter to COREPER - ETS 150909.pdf (123.46 KB)Download
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ACEI_letter_Commissioner_Verheugen_workshop 8... (551.81 KB)Download

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