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Energy Infrastructure Package


What is it?

The (energy) Infrastructure Package was proposed by the Commission in 2011 with the aim of promoting the completion of Europe’s ‘transport core network’, the ‘energy priority corridors’ and the ‘digital infrastructure’.  It comprises the following legislative proposals:

Provided within the draft TEN-E, TEN-T and ICT guidelines are the necessary criteria for the selection of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) to be identified in the energy system or in the field of transport and broadband networks, that will be eligible for EU financial support under the Connecting Europe Facility. 


Why is it important?

For European technology providers represented by Orgalime, this new infrastructure legislation is vital as it determines fundamental parameters for future smart grids in Europe, their interoperability, flexibility and capacity to handle an increasing share of energy generated from renewable energy sources and an ever more decentralised production of energy as well as access to ICT.  European technologies are available and ready for use;  now is the time to exploit them and bring their benefits to European citizens, its economy, wider society and environment.


Our viewpoint

Orgalime advocates for creating a consistent, ambitious framework which stimulates urgently needed investment decisions, as well as confidence in the market to undertake  such investments.   Eligible smart grids projects should come as close as possible to the consumer; therefore the scope of future smart grids projects should be widened to all levels of voltage and a wider number of citizens, thereby facilitating potential consumer benefits.  Permitting procedures for infrastructure projects should indeed be streamlined as suggested by the Commission to speed up the deployment of smart grids in Europe.


How we’ve been engaged

Orgalime provides the consolidated opinion of European engineering industries to policy makers throughout the legislative process on these files.  Experts of the industry are represented in relevant stakeholder consultation meetings and EU Task Forces, such as the EU Smart Grids Task Force.

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