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Orgalime industries are affected by, and involved in EU energy policy throughout the different stages of the energy and electricity value chains:

  • The industry is the key technology provider:
  • For the generation, transmission and distribution of energy from any energy source be it conventional or renewable: wherever Europe’s future energy policy heads, on its way towards a low carbon, resource efficient, environmentally friendly and overall sustainable energy system, we are the industry that provides the technologies to make this happen.
  • For ever more sustainable and energy efficient end use equipment supplied to other energy use-industries (such as chemical, automotive or food) to better manage their energy consumption, as well as to private consumers for satisfying their daily needs.
  • For buildings, whether they are commercial, public or private.

At the same time, the industry, as the largest manufacturing sector in Europe, is a significant energy user and therefore client of the energy utilities. Therefore:

  • Energy costs are a competitiveness factor in our industry, and can directly impact investment decisions of companies, all the more as most of Orgalime’s sectors are listed in the Commission’s Decision 2010/02/EU as being deemed exposed to a significant risk of so called “carbon leakage”.
  • The industry has an immediate (economic) interest in constantly reducing the energy consumption of its manufacturing operations.
  • As the (‘only’) target of the Eco design of Energy Related Products and Energy Labelling Directives and its implementing measures, Orgalime industries are contributing actively by themselves to the realisation of Europe’s energy savings and energy efficiency objectives.
  • Finally, the industry is a major export industry and world leader in many sectors and technologies that deliver future growth and jobs in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Considering this mix of roles in the energy/electricity value chain, the following energy policy initiatives affect Orgalime industries, by either representing an opportunity or risk, or both.

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