Orgalime follows a range of issues which affect the engineering industries as whole or a wide range of sectors of the industry. As an extension of the overall service offered to its members, which include both national and European associations, and in order to provide a more sector specific service, Orgalime has set up the Orgalime Partnership which today provides individual services to over 20 different sector associations in the engineering industry.

The Orgalime Partnership has therefore developed a selective range of services with the client in mind.  We want you to benefit from a real added value.  With our knowledge and experience of working for and with the electrical, electronic, mechanical and metalworking industries - the engineering industries, we have tailored our activities to meet the individual needs of different sectors on the basis of a long term relationship.

The targeted bulletin

The Orgalime Partnership bulletin gives targeted information on EU laws, proposals, programmes and legislative developments affecting your industry.

It enables legal and technical departments to be prepared for tomorrow’s proposed changes in legislation and its application and to inform companies of the issues with which they have to deal.  A sample 'table of content' can be viewed in the attachments at the bottom of this page (or click on the image above).

The early warning system

We target and review EU information which is relevant for you on future policies and legislative proposals.  Our service includes monitoring of the EU institutions in Brussels, and particularly the European Commission and European Parliament.  This system enables you to know swiftly when legislative projects or other issues of interest are launched or reach new stages in the legislative procedure.

The legislative processes support

Our team can obtain drafts of documents which may form part of EU proposals or constitute complete proposals of legislation that will affect your business.  We can also provide legislative updates during the Association’s Plenary or other meetings.  You have first-hand information from the Orgalime task forces (regular meetings of experts from the engineering industry on thematic issues like the Machinery Directive, the WEEE Directive or the Low Voltage Directive), enabling you to gain an advantage by dealing with issues as they develop.

Advocacy, communication & public relations

Being seen and heard on the Brussels stage is of paramount importance for associations that want to deliver messages to the right audience.  There are thousands of associations, NGOs and interest-groups in Brussels.  We help you stand out from the crowd and position yourself.  This can be time-consuming and require many different skills and people to get results, but with the Orgalime Partnership you save time and optimise the efficiency/cost ratio.  We recommend a medium-term view to ensure the association’s message is heard by the target group.

Advocacy services

The Orgalime Partnership can represent you or support you in your advocacy activities. We can analyse the situation with you, and propose and implement a strategy towards the European institutions or other European actors. We can do this on one particular issue or support you in your overall effort to position your association on the Brussels scene. We can meet EU officials for or with you and update you on relevant issues being discussed. We have the network and the knowledge to introduce your association‘s representatives to officials at the appropriate moment. We can brief you in advance and accompany you to the meeting.

Association management services

The Orgalime Partnership can manage your association for you.  We can intervene from scratch or take over the management of the association in the course of its development.  You save time, money and energy.  You do not have to hire people, find a location, deal with the Belgian authorities (only in French or Dutch) or learn about the subtleties of managing a not-forprofit association in Belgium.  We are able to tailor requirements of associations with a limited budget or more significant resources.  This enables you to have professional representation in Brussels even if you have limited financial resources.

Project services

When associations have particular projects in mind which they wish to develop, the Orgalime Partnership team is able to assist in the setting-up of a project working group, and help define and attain its objectives. The Orgalime Partnership also provides the organisation and secretariat associated with such activities.  The budget is fixed, the objectives and tasks are crystal-clear and the timeframe is well defined.

Business intelligence services

Knowledge management is crucial to be effective in implementing an influence strategy.  You need to be able to argue with figures, facts and data.  We support you in your intelligencebuilding approach.  We can research and compile data that help you benchmark your industry and build development strategies.  With a clear picture of your industry and the representativeness of your association, your arguments towards the EU authorities have much more impact.

For more information please contact Olivier Janin

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