Clean mobility: Recommendations for accelerating the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in Europe

1 October, 2018
Policies and Issues:
Energy, E-mobility
Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Metalworking

With the signature and ratification of the Paris Agreement, the EU committed to contribute to keeping global temperature increase to well below 2°C and to pursue efforts to limit increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

The lack of infrastructure for recharging and refuelling, insufficient smart grid development and difficulties for consumers to easily use the infrastructure remain among the barriers that hinder the wider use of vehicles and vessels running on alternative fuels today. An integrated approach is needed to remove these barriers, which requires a common policy framework for vehicles, infrastructures, electricity grids, economic incentives and digital services across the EU, national, regional and local levels. The Action Plan and Investment Solutions for the trans-European Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure provides important momentum at a moment in time where commitment to sustainable transport infrastructures in the light of the Paris Agreement needs to gain in importance.

The European Technology Industries represented by Orgalime support the promotion of a sustainable range of transport solutions and the build-up of interoperable, alternative fuels infrastructure across the EU as a means to stimulate growth, jobs and technology take up. In concrete terms, we advocate for accelerating the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in Europe through a number of actions.

Please download the position paper to read the full document.  

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Sigrid Linher
Director Energy & Environment
Toma Mikalauskaitė

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