Concrete suggestions to improve the 'vision for the internal market for industrial products'

16 June, 2014
Policies and Issues:
Internal Market & Standardisation, Market Surveillance and Customs Controls

Orgalime welcomes the European Commission’s Communication titled 'A vision for the internal market for industrial products'. The Communication and its accompanying documents include several ambitious suggestions that could substantially improve the implementation of product related legislation and its enforcement. We are pleased to comment hereafter on the Communication and to also suggest ways to turn the Communication’s proposals into effective actions.

While we comment on many of the points of the Communication quoting the relevant section with their number, we also wish to comment at the outset in more depth on the issue of market surveillance and its financing which we consider as a core issue and an issue which is central to the effective functioning of the internal market for products.

We also wish to stress to the Commission that if the success of the internal market was built through harmonisation of product legislation, we have seen and are still seeing more and more legislation introducing minimum harmonisation which, due to gold plating by member states inevitably undermines the internal market and therefore the advantages that the establishment of the internal market brought to our manufacturing industry in the EU [more in download]

PP_EC_vision_for_the_IM_jun14.pdf (401.95 KB)Download
Philippe Portalier
Director Internal Market & Standardisation
Caio Lobo
Junior Adviser

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