Environmental Footprint Methodologies (PEF/OEF) - Draft Communication on 'Unlocking the Single Market for Green Products'

14 March, 2013
Policies and Issues:
Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Metalworking

Today, Orgalime, ACEA and ANEC jointly acted and sent European Commission President Barroso a letter to express our common concerns at the suggested Environmental Footprint Methodology, based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, and its envisaged use in EU policy making, including in the context of the Draft Communication on 'Unlocking the Single Market for Green Products'

It is our shared view that this methodology:

  • Creates unnecessary risk of disruption to the internal market for products and room for unfair competition, while providing questionable benefits – if any - for consumers or for industry.
  • Undermines the Commission’s wider Industrial Policy agenda, which requires policy makers to act in a coherent fashion.
  • Undermines the Commission's sustainability agenda, which requires reliable information on environmental burdens associated with products and organisations.
  • Will cause severe difficulties for enforcement and market surveillance authorities.
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Sigrid Linher
Director Energy & Environment

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