Feedback to Commission Roadmap on a Strategy for Long-term EU Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction

9 August, 2018
Policies and Issues:
2030 Climate and Energy Framework
Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Metalworking

The European Technology Industries represented by Orgalime welcome the Roadmap on a Strategy for Long-Term EU GHG emissions reduction in accordance with the Paris Agreement, taking into account Member States’ national plans. This indeed means preparing ourselves on time for a profound transformation of the entire global economy and society and tapping the undisputed, multiple opportunities that such a transformation holds for all of us.

It also means managing the challenges arising from it in a fair, inclusive, responsible, socially acceptable and overall sustainable manner. Not acting, however, is no longer an option: the global landscape is undergoing a fundamental, rapid and irreversible change primarily due to decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation (“the 3D change”). The scenario of achieving net zero GHG emissions within the Union by 2050 and negative emissions thereafter and related implications on the global and EU carbon budget needs to be included to identify appropriate, cost-efficient EU implementation measures.

Download the position paper to read our response in full. 

Orgalime Response EU longterm GHG reduction s... (369.35 KB)Download
Sigrid Linher
Director Energy & Environment

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