Orgalime and European Sector Committees comment on the final report of the Study on the merger of the directive on Noise from Outdoor Equipment, 2000/14/EC, with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

8 July, 2014
Policies and Issues:
Machinery Directive (MD), Outdoor Noise Directive

As pointed out during the workshop organised by the European Commission on 11th March 2014 and the exchange of views that took place during the last Noise Experts Group, the European Commission, based on the study carried out and the on-line consultation, is considering a stand-alone revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive.

Orgalime, as already expressed in its position paper earlier this year, is pleased that the legislator is not considering merging both directives, but would favour a stand-alone revision of the directive on Noise from Outdoor Equipment to improve the current shortcomings of this piece of legislation and adapt it to the needs of the internal market.

Orgalime and participating European Sector Committees are pleased to submit their comments on the report, to bring the following common issues facing our industries to the attention of the legislator. As the directive is sector-oriented, any specific comment from one sector will be directly addressed to the Commission by the specific sector for information. 

In general, Orgalime would like to refer to the European Commission’s Communication for a European Industrial Renaissance and more specifically to the commitment that the Commission took to 'mainstream competitiveness aspects into other policy fields' which was supported by the March 2014 European Council in its conclusions. Whereas European mechanical engineering’s trade balance is largely positive (+ €120bn in 2010), it is of the utmost importance to preserve our companies’ competitiveness on external markets where noise of machinery is rarely considered as an issue for public authorities or customers.

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