Adrian Harris & Antonio Tajani: Fostering industrial co-operation with the United States

European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, together with European CEOs from all main industrial sectors, will visit the US from 10 to 12 May. As part of the new series of "Missions for Growth", the aim of the visit is to foster industrial cooperation and business relations with the US to help the European and American economies to foster growth and job creation. The EU delegation consists of representatives of industrial sector associations and horizontal business associations incorporating each a large number of industry members (see list below). Before leaving Brussels Vice President Antonio Tajani, responsible for Industry and Enterprises, said: “Our objective is to underline the importance of our industrial and economic relations with the United States. We strongly believe that reinforcing the transatlantic economy will be crucial in the coming years to foster innovation, growth and employment, in particular as the transatlantic relationship has an enormous potential which is not yet fully exploited. ”

The mission to the United States will pursue three main objectives:

* Allow for concrete discussions with political leaders on EU-U.S. industrial cooperation to spur economic growth;

* Support European companies, in particular SMEs, in developing business with the United States;

* Ensure the contribution and support of the EU business community to recent EU-U.S. initiatives in favour of a transatlantic market supporting jobs and growth.

The visit will focus on high-level political meetings in Washington, with additional business-to-business contacts in New York City (for details, see below). Discussions will address ways to create a more favourable environment to support innovation, growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. Vice-President Tajani is working intensively for the internationalisation of European enterprises. In this context, he intends to give a strong political signal of the importance the Commission attaches to industrial and economic relations between the EU and the US.

9 May, 2012
Press article

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