EU Leaders get down to business: competitiveness at last N°1 priority

The outcome of the recent European Summit lets European manufacturing companies hope that Europe may become a more competitive place to produce and generate new jobs.  “After years of setting the priorities which took little impact of policies on much of manufacturing, the outcome of this summit gives us hope, that now the European agenda will be characterised by policies where the competitiveness of European companies in the real economy is the lead driver” says Adrian Harris, Director General of Orgalime. 

Harris points out, that the amount of disparate new EU-legislation in different fields that marked recent years, has seriously undermined the competitiveness of Europe on world markets.  “Systematically checking the impact of new policies and regulation before proceeding is a must: it is only in this way that we may yet achieve better and less legislation, so that manufacturing companies finally can invest their resources into innovative products which their clients want: this is their core business! Only this can generate more growth and more jobs, which is exactly what we need now!  We would however have hoped to see the political target of manufacturing representing 20% of GDP adopted” says Harris.

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8 April, 2014
Press release

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