Good work European Council on the 2030 Energy & Climate Change Framework! But why the resistance to Energy Efficiency?

Having written an open letter to the European Council ahead of their recent meeting (23/24 October), in which we “urged the adoption of an integrated European 2030 Energy and Climate Change Framework”, Orgalime and their vast membership have had time to assimilate their responses to the package.  Said Adrian Harris, Orgalime’s Director General “Firstly, It is good to see a decision being taken – we appreciate all the effort made to come to an agreement on this highly challenging topic.  We appreciate that energy efficiency is confirmed in the framework: it is the essential link for implementing and achieving the new Renewables and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) targets in practice. Achieving one without the others will in our view be impossible”

However, this has been tainted with a modicum of disappointment on the news that the energy efficiency targets are falling behind what is technically perfectly feasible with today’s technologies; Orgalime advocates policy makers to keep a proactive attitude for the future, in order to definitely close the gap to 30% in 2020.  “Now, implementation of energy efficiency throughout all market segments (buildings, transport, energy and industry), matters in order to be able to achieve the new 2030 targets” added Harris. 

Again, on the positive side, it is good to have an investment signal now to drive investment into low carbon technologies, including renewables and energy efficiency.  The technology providers have been ready for market take-up for some time now. 

In terms of international cooperation, it is vital that the EU works on getting other countries on board and taking similar action at the international level – a common global approach on energy and climate issues is essential and supports European industry’s investments in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies. 

“Whilst there is some disappointment amongst the membership, there is also an overriding sentiment of satisfaction surrounding the positive aspects – especially overcoming the opposition to targets as well as the international dimension” commented Harris.


3 November, 2014
Press release

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