Message to the EU Competitiveness Council: European shipyards and engineering industry demand more competitive steel market

With the growing concentration and globalisation of the steel industry, it is becoming ever more important for their customer industries to ensure that trade in steel becomes freer and fairer. If increasing quantities of Chinese and Indian steel are finding their way into the European market, it is clear that this is because of demand for such products, often generated by shortfalls in the quantities available in the EU. The increasing imports into the EU are market-related and mainly due to EU’s present price level (highest steel price worldwide).

European steel producers have in recent years, been concentrating on producing the higher grades of steel, aiming at increasing the value added and thus pursuing improved profits. However, several steel processing industries continue to demand commodity products, which may be less attractive for the steel producers. A shortage of supply or not competitively priced supply would ultimately have a very harmful impact for these steel processing industries. Europe should counteract trade distortions but should not provide a shield for uncompetitive behaviour.

17 May, 2007
Press release

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