Waste not, want not – Is the Council trying to undermine its own best example of Better Regulation?

“No sooner have European regulators started to implement the Eco Design Directive (Energy using Products) which covers all environmental aspects of an energy using product from cradle to grave, then they are already undermining what is frequently cited as one of the best examples of Better Regulation - the Eco Design Directive.” said Adrian Harris, Secretary General of Orgalime, ahead of the Environment Council due to convene on 28th June. “In spite of the coherent framework established by the Eco Design Directive, the proposed waste Directive will allow member states to introduce different national product design measures in a Directive under Article 175 of the EC Treaty. This is extremely regrettable. It clearly runs counter to the stated objectives of the European Commission on Better Regulation, undermines the internal market and therefore hampers the competitiveness of our industry. It will do little for the environment, since overlapping or conflicting requirements on the same products only lead to legal uncertainty, free-riding and unenforceable legislation.”

26 June, 2007
Press release

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