WEEE Recast: EP prepares for political negotiations

The European Parliament Environment Committee has today voted in the latest round on the report of Rapporteur Karl Heinz-Florenz on the recast of the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and adopted a strong position for the forthcoming trialogue negotiations with the Council and Commission. Reminding ourselves at this point that a ‘recast’ is, by definition, only meant to tweak aspects of the original Directive not thought to be working well, one could be excused for questioning how the dossier seems to have ‘run away with itself’.

“Having consistently argued the need for this recast in the first place, we now find ourselves attempting to limit the potential damage to an already fragile manufacturing economy that could stem from proposals, such as i) an open scope without impact assessment, ii) weakened enforceability through an exclusively European approach for ‘the producer’ in waste management legislation or iii) the obligation to establish design requirements on the recyclability of products by 2014 without taking into account existing study findings and procedures of the Eco Design Directive” said Adrian Harris, Director General of Orgalime. “But the Parliament’s proposal for a new collection rate based on the amount of WEEE generated is good since it is fit to accommodate all channels and flows of WEEE in a multi-stakeholder process. Additionally, it is pleasing to see last minute proposals that acknowledge shipments of WEEE destined for legitimate re-use, whilst deterring other illegal shipments”, added Mr Harris.

3 October, 2011
Press release

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